Do we embroider outside items?

YES. We are some of the most adventurous embroiderers out there. There is not a lot we can't do, however the only for sure way to know if we can is to see it in person! 

Can we turn your artwork to stitch?

YES. We work with a great digitizer who can turn even the most intricate watercolor paintings to a seamless stitch file for us. That means your logo, drawings, or previous custom monograms are no problem at all for us to turn to stitch!

How does pricing work when it comes to embroidery?

All of our pricing is based on three factors: Technique (embroidery or applique), size and stitch count. All in store products include appropriately sized embroidery. Outside items start at $22 for anything up to 4 inches in height and 7 inches in width- this covers most basic out of store items like towels, bags, and children's items.