Custom Orders

To begin designing your custom order, please send us an email with the following:

1. The Initials you wish to use.

The best way to clearly indicate first, middle, last or for married monograms hers, his, theirs is to simply write out the full names.

Example: Abigail B. Carter or Abigail and Benjamin Carter.

2. What is it going to be used for?

Do you have some of our products picked out to use your custom monogram on? Or do you already have the items? Do you plan to use it on several pieces in different sizes? 

3. Your best contact information.

Be sure to leave your name, phone number, email, and the best way to get in touch with you!

Keep in mind a lot of the designing process is sending back and forth pictures to narrow down what you want so- texting is really the easiest and fastest way most of the time!

4. Point us in the right direction!

Feel free to attach pictures of the room it's going in, monograms you have seen that you like, or any other indications of your personal style!